What are some of the things that you should consider to become a SharePoint developer?

For the most part, if you want to become a SharePoint developer, you should first be an ASP.NET developer and should be comfortable with Visual Studio. From there you could build your SharePoint development skills. Becoming a successful developer means you have to try and understand all things that a SharePoint developer could do on the software. This is so that you can understand the activities you require to call yourself a developer of the SharePoint platform.

SharePoint has a lot of new developer oriented features. A SharePoint developer could create collaboration apps on the platform features of SharePoint, the new tools to make developers more productive and also new hosting options that offer more flexibility in deployment. The market for SharePoint development is good. The reason for this is because a huge percentage of the developer market will not invest the time to learn what is needed to become effective.

Every SharePoint developer should realize that on the surface, the platform may look like a single one but at its heart you have to know more than what it really is. Apart from learning SharePoint, you also have to learn Active Directory, Business Intelligence, Exchange, WWF, WCF, Windows Identity and so on and so forth. The point is, it is not enough to learn SharePoint to become an effective developer; you also have to learn plenty of other technologies that SharePoint interact with. Many people give up on SharePoint not for the reason that there is a large learning curve, but just because the process of development is very much more involved compared to ASP.NET. SharePoint is actually ASP.NET plus everything more out there, like Mobile, SilverLight, JQuery and more. Anything you can imagine, there is a way to incorporate with SharePoint.

To become effective in developing SharePoint, you must learn the basics and then specialize in a single or a couple of areas. For instance, you could specialize in Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management. Each of these have a steep learning curve, so don’t expect to become a SharePoint expert in less than two years. It could take from two to seven years and having a good ASP.NET, SQL or C# knowledge is a great plus. SharePoint development could be a wonderful career move when it comes to better job security and higher salary. Nevertheless, the problem with some developers is they could get really excited on a technology such as SharePoint and in the months to come they lose interest in it. You have to be determined in the platform to become a successful SharePoint Developer.

Every developer of the platform should keep in mind that there is plenty to do with it. Moreover, SharePoint development is not going away soon. For developers, another thing to take into consideration is what kind of development they want to do and if they could get by with only doing out of the box development. Keep in mind, success in SharePoint development requires dedication, perseverance and most of all the determination to succeed.